If you can't bring peace to a household, how dare you try to rule a city.

Dr. Jordan B Peterson

Jimmy Brings Co

Corporate environments are changing at an ever-increasing rate, with more and more companies becoming aware that clients want to invest in products and services that feel personal, human, and accessible. 

With this in mind, Jimmy Brings Co is a corporate speaker and coach dedicated to helping employees tap into their innate skills to help grow confidence in the workplace, learn how to communicate effectively, manage stress, and inject more compassion and joy into the corporate environment as a whole.

Our intention is to bring Value through assisting people in growing their awareness in their own life which in return a more conscious decision-making life will unfold which will benefit personal achievement, business and quality of life. 

"Through my own life experiences and challenges my ambition is to show people our true potential when choosing to build and grow our inner intelligence to create a business and personal life we all deserve"- Owner, James Kennedy



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The true importance of communication, whether verbal or body language is extremely important within our lives. In business environments it is essential to create a connection so by learning powerful techniques around framing language and building rapport the return on your investment is endless. I feel we are so much more powerful than we realise & by learning to pay attention to the true importance of how we talk to ourselves and to others we start to tap into the quality of life we all deserve and achieve the goals we desire.
We offer corporate talks & Coaching Sessions for personal & professional growth.

Sales Services

Our sales services are for one on on e or sales teams to become aware of creating connections with clients to be more than the product or service they are selling to bring added value where needed. Business is so fast paced if we are not willing to change and learn new ways we have to wonder and ask ourselves; What is the cost if we don't learn and progress?

Stress Management

Stress is one of the largest problems in the modern workplace. We cannot completely stop this, it is a human emotion, however we have the power to understand how to mange stress and self-regulate with effective relaxation techniques when things become overwhelming. Jimmy Brings Co is owned and operated by a Master Practitioner of NLP & Coaching, offering relaxation and stress reduction solutions for individuals withing buinsesses in all industries. From simple breathwork excercises to meditation, mindfulness, and talks on how to communicate stress effectively and regulate yourself in those challenging moments, we have experience with holistic practises. We also work alongside a wide range of people to reduce and manage stress in a healthy, productive, and accessible manner to create an energy within the environment that we all want to be a part of and work in. 


Here at Jimmy Brings Co, we believe that compassion and humanity should be at the heart of all things- including the corporate world. During our range of coaching sessions, talks, and workshops we aim to help you and your colleagues tap into their compassionate sides to understand how, as individuals, you can benefit yourself personally as well as offering benefits for your  company. By promoting a holistic, compassionate, and humanistic approach, we aim to help empower you to create a more enjoyable work environment that benefits everyone. By facilitating better communication, intentional stress management techniques, and confidence-boosting practises, we aim for visible personal and professional growth.

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